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Need hauling service?

This is how we work!

What is our goal? We aim to provide fast, professional, reliable service with competitive prices.

Which cities do we service most? Cities close to Springville, Mapleton, Spanish Fork, Salem, Woodland Hills, Goshen, Payson, Santaquin, Provo, Orem, American Fork and Lehi Utah.

What do we offer? Dump trailer for rent offers rental trailers and hauling service for Utah County.

Whats more, we make every effort to provide the best dump trailer rental for junk removal, in addition we strive to be the best dumpster rental alternative. Further more, dump trailer for hire is a junk hauling service and a rental business. In general, we haul trash, miscellaneous junk, yard waste, topsoil, sand, dirt, compost, landscaping materials, gravel, yard stuff, construction debris, roofing shingles etc. What we don’t do, is transport hazardous materials!

Got Junk! We haul it! Above all, why not rent a dump trailer near me for less! Moreover, we offer a for hire trailer dumpster alternative for those that don’t have a truck!

What makes our local Hauling Service one of a kind?

  • We drop off a 14K heavy duty dump trailer at your home or job site!
  • You load while we haul and dump!
  • Yes, we provide a flat rate hauling service!
  • And we also offer hauling service at an hourly rate if that is better for you!
  • If you don’t take to long we can wait while you load!
  • Dump bed trailers provide the best portable dumpster solution!
  • We offer a service because we know your auto insurance does not cover rental collision unless it is prearranged.
  • Furthermore, we offer best prices when we haul uninterrupted loads to the same location!
  • Our trailer with a wheelbarrow ramp makes it easy to walk in the carriage space to load dirt, rocks and debris
  • Hiring a man with truck increase work productivity!
  • Plus we can back up to the edge of your house so you can repair a roof or strip shingles!
  • Above all else, we haul your junk away so you never have to see it or walk around it again!

What is the meaning behind Full Service Junk Removal?

Full Service Junk Removal Companies usually load and haul everything, not just certain items. For example, Full Service Junk Removers do all the lifting and loading. We prefer people load their own junk while we haul it away, but in some situations full service may be an option.

Therefore, upon your request, a handy trash bin/heavy duty dump trailer will be delivered to your door, whenever you desire. Likewise, once filled, upon request the dumpster trailer will be picked up and hauled away by a member of our friendly crew, to dispose of your junk in a safe and friendly manner.

Added stress can be an issue when you want to do things yourself. Many dumpster companies are on their own schedule and not so responsive, when you need a dump trailer we try to bring it and pick it up promptly. For your convenience a dump bed trailer rental can be conducted by phone via text or voice.

We offer Top Quality Service and Reasonable Rates!

Without a doubt Americans have plenty of stuff that turns into trash. For instance, wealth enables luxury and lavishness needs space. For that reason we haul away old stuff, miscellaneous trash so you can bring in new useful colorful things.

Beyond that, we offer fair up-front pricing, quality service, issue a contract in writing and clean up after ourselves. Plus we emphasize friendly service and a job well done every time. Above all, it is our goal to make your life easier by providing a fast welcoming rental or a hauling service. In addition, you can rest assured we have no hidden fees to surprise anyone when the job is done.

How big a trailer do you need?

The shorter the trailer, the more options you have. Smaller trailers often weigh less and some have the same weight capacity as do the larger ones. A 12 ft x 7 ft 14K trailer is better for weightier matter while a 14 ft x 7 ft dump bed trailer is convenient for unorganized mass. Usually you can get more in a storage bin when you reduce the size of things and compress the load. When you do this a larger trailer isn’t always necessary. FYI most people need several garbage cans because they don’t break down boxes and crush their trash.

As you would expect the disadvantage of a larger trailer is maneuverability and overload. Therefore, an overload can severely damage a trailer and or ruin your back if you have to empty a load with a shovel, when the bed is too heavy to dump. Logically, the best trailer size for a job depends on how much and what kind of stuff you haul. The most common size dump trailer is 14 ft because it’s an ideal size for hauling a skid steer and fairly good for maneuverability. In short, when you haul gravel, sand, road base, land fill, rocks, cement, top soil, sod, etc the best trailer size is a 7 x 12 with a 14,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. (GTWR) includes the weight of the trailer plus its cargo.

How much does a cubic yard of dirt weigh?

Loose dirt can weigh roughly 2,000 pounds per cubic yard. Wet or compacted clay weighs 2,200 – 2,500 lbs per cubic yard

Want to rent a dumpster trailer or hire a man to haul dirt?

We haul dirt and know some places to dump it. Where can I dump dirt near me? Where can I haul or dump dirt and rocks near me. And where can I dump dirt for free? We have a couple private places near Spanish Fork, Springville, Provo and Orem, where we can haul topsoil, dirt and rocks.

Rental Necessities:

Every rental requires a valid driver’s license, insurance on the tow vehicle, a working 7-blade trailer wire connector, a 2 5/16″ ball hitch, and at least a $350 refundable deposit, plus rental fee. The hitch must be rated for minimum 10,000 to 15,000 pounds, and the top of the ball should be at least 22 inches from the ground to ensure the trailer is pitched correctly. A rental hitch is available for $10 per day. We’ll take damage deposits via cash, venmo or credit card. Prices do not include sales tax.


For your convenience and understanding we speak English and some Spanish.